Welcoming the New Faces of CrAFt: A Look into Our New Core Group

Are you ready for the new academic year? We at CrAFt certainly are! As we embark on this exciting journey of knowledge, creativity, and collaboration, we are thrilled to introduce our new CrAFt Core Group of Students. This dynamic team, comprising familiar faces and fresh talent, is all set to make waves in art, culture, and innovation.

A Fresh Start

For most of us, September marked the commencement of the new academic year and the reformation of the CrAFt Core Group. For those who may not be familiar with CrAFt, this group is a dynamic platform that brings together students from various corners of Europe to explore the intersection of creativity, urban development and environmental sustainability. And what better way to kick off the year than by introducing our newest members?

Welcoming New Talent

We are excited to warmly welcome five exceptional students who have joined our ranks, each hailing from different universities and backgrounds. These talented individuals are ready to take on the challenges of our cities, armed with a passion for cross-sectorial collaboration and innovation. Let’s meet the newest members of the CrAFt Core Group:

  • A’mina Santina – University of Bologna
  • Dominik Nosko – Czech Technical University
  • Galina Voitenko – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Jan Exner – Czech Technical University
  • Matilde Gardini – University of Bologna
  • Mia Bjørndal – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Srushti Shetty – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

These talented individuals bring our group unique perspectives and skill sets, enriching CrAFt’s collective intelligence.

Meet Our Dedicated Coaches

As a part of the CrAFt Core Group, it’s not just about the students; we also have two core group coaches who play a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing our members. We are grateful to have them on board, providing invaluable support and mentorship:

  • Sanne Karssenberg
  • Irene Garofalo

What’s Next for the CrAFt Core Group?

We believe in the power of action, and our Core Group is already gearing up for their next endeavour. They are planning a thought-provoking and innovative activity set in Manchester in partnership with local students. This initiative is part of the fringe programme of the ELIA Leadership Symposium hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project as it unfolds!