NEB ambition

The ultimate ambition of the New European Bauhaus is to achieve transformation. To do this, the NEB Compass has identified specific levels of ambition that outline the desired outcomes for each of the NEB values.

Action areas

These areas refer to the five key domains of intervention that CrAFt's New European Bauhaus Impact Model considers essential for guiding and evaluating complex urban initiatives.

Participation level

The participation level refers to the degree or extent to which individuals or groups are actively involved or engaged in a particular activity, project, or process. It assesses the depth of their involvement, contributions, and commitment, ranging from minimal or passive participation to active and dedicated participation.

NEB values

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) aims to promote the values of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion in the design and transformation of urban spaces. It emphasises the integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations to create harmonious and innovative living environments.

Implementation Stage

According to the Smart City Guidance Package, there are seven stages to plan and implement smart city projects. These stages propose a logical and coherent roadmap for city initiatives involving many stakeholders.

CrAFt at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023

As a partner of the European Commission initiative on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona (7-9 Nov 2023), members of the CrAFt team will be talking about radical collaborations and the role of art and inclusive in shaping the future of smart and sustainable cities.

CrAFt is coordinating and contributing to several sessions at the upcoming Smart City Expo World Congress, set to take place on 7-9 November 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. CrAFt’s participation in the Congress includes: 

07 November 2023 | 15:15-16:00

Booth session – “Radical collaborations for lower emissions and higher quality, in European cities and communities.” 

07 November 2023 | 15:45-16:30

Networking islands

08 November 2023 | 12:30-13:30

Congress session – “NEB Alliance: Beautiful and inclusive transitions to resilient, climate-neutral cities and communities, driven by radical collaboration.” 

08 November 2023 | 15:00-15:45 

Networking islands

EU participation at the event

As the world’s largest and most influential event for cities and urban innovation, the Smart City Expo World Congress promises to be a hub of groundbreaking ideas and initiatives to shape the future of sustainable urban living.

Under the title of “EC Initiatives on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities”, the European Commission is presenting 30 initiatives, projects, and Directorate-Generals (DGs) united by a common goal: to accelerate the implementation of sustainable urban solutions in alignment with the EU Green Deal and REPowerEU plan at a local level.

These initiatives —CrAFt among them— represent diverse areas and backgrounds, spanning from support services for the EU Green Deal acceleration to Positive Energy in Districts and Buildings and the New European Bauhaus to Digitalisation for a Greener Future. Together, they form a dynamic network poised to address pressing urban challenges and share innovative solutions.

The joint presence will encompass a series of engaging activities at the Congress:

  • Congress & Agora Sessions: Thought-provoking sessions will address pertinent EC policies and cross-cutting topics, focusing on the scalability of solutions across cities.
  • Stand Representation: The EC Initiatives on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities will feature an interactive program with sessions organised by participating projects and initiatives. These sessions will complement the themes discussed in the agora sessions and highlight on-the-ground work.
  • Networking Spaces: Partners can interact with visitors, showcasing their projects and services while promoting collaborative efforts.

This vibrant collaboration aims to foster a European movement for sustainable urban solutions, ultimately contributing to the realisation of a greener and more resilient future.

Join us in Barcelona to be a part of shaping the future of smart and sustainable cities!

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October 18, 2023