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CrAFt is the EU-funded project for cities to become
climate-neutral, beautiful and inclusive

We believe in bringing together cities and their citizens, policymakers, arts and academia to jointly shape the transition to climate neutrality.

‘I cannot wait to see these New European Bauhaus projects come to life. They will show how the future can look and bring the European Green Deal to our daily lives and living spaces‘.

Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission

How we will support cities

Support to the European Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities

Assist the NetZeroCities Mission Platform, the Mission Cities with the design and deployment of Climate City Contracts, and the New European Bauhaus.

Testing in 3 “Sandbox Cities”: Amsterdam, Bologna, Prague

Test and share collaborative local governance models to harness the value of inclusiveness, aesthetics and sustainability towards climate neutral cities.

Cooperation with 60 CrAFt cities

The sixty cities have been announced! Meet them here.

Guidance Package for Climate-Neutral & Smart Cities: NEB Edition

Guidance and pathways to climate neutrality based on 160 collaborative local governance models, tools, examples, and testimonials and featuring 80 emblematic projects.

Impact Model

NEB-inspired Impact Model to evaluate the quality in urban transformations towards climate neutrality.

Engagement with cultural, artistic and creative sectors, property owners and tenants, and citizens & communities

More than 30 European universities and schools of arts and design will be engaged in supporting their local cities, with more than 100 students engaged in STEAM teams, internships and local capacity building.

Mutual learning exercises

Testing and sharing knowledge on collaborative local governance models and Climate City Contracts.

Next-Generation NEB: Build long-term local capacity

Shape the next generation of NEB doers through think/do tanks, STEAM teams, university-city agreements, design challenges, hackathons and action research.

Storytelling campaign on actionable climate-neutral futures for, with and by citizens

Compelling and inclusive narratives for, with and by citizens and communities to spur more sustainable and climate-friendly patterns and practices.

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