NEB ambition

The ultimate ambition of the New European Bauhaus is to achieve transformation. To do this, the NEB Compass has identified specific levels of ambition that outline the desired outcomes for each of the NEB values.

Action areas

These areas refer to the five key domains of intervention that CrAFt's New European Bauhaus Impact Model considers essential for guiding and evaluating complex urban initiatives.

Participation level

The participation level refers to the degree or extent to which individuals or groups are actively involved or engaged in a particular activity, project, or process. It assesses the depth of their involvement, contributions, and commitment, ranging from minimal or passive participation to active and dedicated participation.

NEB values

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) aims to promote the values of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion in the design and transformation of urban spaces. It emphasises the integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations to create harmonious and innovative living environments.

Implementation Stage

According to the Smart City Guidance Package, there are seven stages to plan and implement smart city projects. These stages propose a logical and coherent roadmap for city initiatives involving many stakeholders.

First meeting of the New European Bauhaus Alliance

On 24 and 25 May, the CrAFt partners, CrAFt Cities, and other New European Bauhaus projects met in Bologna to set the ground for a New European Bauhaus Policy Support Alliance.

The goal of the NEB Alliance is to bring together key stakeholders, such as policymakers, local and regional authorities, the cultural and creative sectors, etc., to shape the transition to climate neutrality jointly.

Collaboration lies at the heart of this policy alliance. Members understand that meaningful change requires collective effort and partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. They seek to forge alliances with governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and civil society groups to build a powerful network of change-makers.

This Alliance is currently taking shape, aimed at inspiring others and driving positive change on various fronts. Sign up for CrAFt’s newsletter to receive the latest news on the development of the NEB Policy Support Alliance.

Download the NEB Policy Alliance presentation, introductory brochure and CrAFt postcards: Impact Model and CrAFt Community

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June 20, 2023