NEB ambition

The ultimate ambition of the New European Bauhaus is to achieve transformation. To do this, the NEB Compass has identified specific levels of ambition that outline the desired outcomes for each of the NEB values.

Action areas

These areas refer to the five key domains of intervention that CrAFt's New European Bauhaus Impact Model considers essential for guiding and evaluating complex urban initiatives.

Participation level

The participation level refers to the degree or extent to which individuals or groups are actively involved or engaged in a particular activity, project, or process. It assesses the depth of their involvement, contributions, and commitment, ranging from minimal or passive participation to active and dedicated participation.

NEB values

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) aims to promote the values of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion in the design and transformation of urban spaces. It emphasises the integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations to create harmonious and innovative living environments.

Implementation Stage

According to the Smart City Guidance Package, there are seven stages to plan and implement smart city projects. These stages propose a logical and coherent roadmap for city initiatives involving many stakeholders.

CrAFt is looking for 9 students to join the project

The EU-funded project CrAFt – Creating Actionable Futures is looking for 9 students to join our project for at least 6 months from 15 March 2024. The deadline for applications is on 11 February 2024.

This unique opportunity is for students who:

  • Desire to take part in their cities’ transformation
  • Are eager to contribute to climate neutrality in urban areas
  • Have an interest in using participatory and artistic methods for driving change
  • Wish to enhance their professional skills
  • Want to be part of a Europe-wide project

Selected applicants will join CrAFt’s Core Group of Students (read the frequently asked questions about the project and this particular group). This group is responsible for proposing participatory models and engaging other students across 70+ CrAFt cities. They also organise their own interdisciplinary student events. The Core Group of students is self-managed and supported by two coaches from ELIA, the European network for professional exchange and development in higher arts education.

There currently are nine open spots in the Core Group for students located in Amsterdam, Bologna, Prague and Trondheim. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply!

Who can join the CrAFt Core Group?

CrAFt is recruiting up to nine students with diverse backgrounds, academic and artistic disciplines and interests to join the Core Group.


  • You are enthusiastic about interdisciplinary work. You are willing to look beyond your own discipline and keen on exploring diverse models of collaborating.
  • You are interested in creating tools and opportunities for exchange, connecting students, internationally acclaimed policy makers, partners from the industry and other urban stakeholders.
  • You actively engage in student-activities, student-projects and organisations, and are looking forward to exchanging with an international group of students.
  • You feel motivated to contribute to the transition to climate-neutral cities and develop your leadership skills in that field.

Eligibility criteria

1. You are studying at one of the following higher education institutions:

  • In Amsterdam: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences – AUAS, Amsterdam University of the Arts – AHK, Gerrit Rietveld Academie
  • In Bologna: University of Bologna – UNIBO 
  • In Prague: Czech Technical University – CVUT, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague – Academy of Fine Arts in Prague – AVU, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague – UMPRUM, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – HAMU
  • In Trondheim: Norwegian Technical University – NTNU 

2. You are enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters, or pre-Masters programme during the 2023-2024 academic year.

3. You are willing and able to combine participation in the CrAFt Core Group of students for a minimum period of six months with your study programme. Expected time investment is 1 day (6 to 8 hours) per week.

Read the full open call for the Core Group of Students, including further instructions on how to apply.

Apply to Join CrAFt now! Deadline: 11 February 2024


“I learned a lot about the management and organisation of sustainable and interdisciplinary events (Évora Think/Do Tank). I gained an understanding of how the CrAFt project supported sustainability in cities works in general.”

Galina Voitenko, student at NTNU

“My collaboration skills improved. It helped me pay more attention to being “active” in my team. And this reflected in my team work for my masters program.”

Mercy Oluokun, student at AUAS

“By participating in the Core Group, I learned collaboration and teamwork. I learned to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds, developed interpersonal skills and learned how to achieve common goals. Additionally, I learned project management skills by planning, organising and executing tasks within a given timeframe. This project also helped me expand my professional network. Finally, I got a deeper understanding of the EU’s initiatives and policies through this project.”

Angela Subedi, student at NTNU

“Participating as a member of the Core Group allowed me to test and implement my skills within a work context, for the first time outside the university projects. I learned so much thanks to the interdisciplinary environment that CrAFt supports and personally, I also understood better how to build relationships with other possible partners, stakeholders and guests.”

Federica De Vigili, student at UNIBO

The CrAFt Core Group organised an interdisciplinary student event in Évora, Portugal in May 2023. The event was called CrAFt Your Urban Experience: A pop-up student think/do tank to reimagine Évora. Take a look at the event’s photos.

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