NEB ambition

The ultimate ambition of the New European Bauhaus is to achieve transformation. To do this, the NEB Compass has identified specific levels of ambition that outline the desired outcomes for each of the NEB values.

Action areas

These areas refer to the five key domains of intervention that CrAFt's New European Bauhaus Impact Model considers essential for guiding and evaluating complex urban initiatives.

Participation level

The participation level refers to the degree or extent to which individuals or groups are actively involved or engaged in a particular activity, project, or process. It assesses the depth of their involvement, contributions, and commitment, ranging from minimal or passive participation to active and dedicated participation.

NEB values

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) aims to promote the values of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion in the design and transformation of urban spaces. It emphasises the integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations to create harmonious and innovative living environments.

Implementation Stage

According to the Smart City Guidance Package, there are seven stages to plan and implement smart city projects. These stages propose a logical and coherent roadmap for city initiatives involving many stakeholders.

Craft Participatory Lab

The “CrAFt Participatory Lab” is a student initiative related to the “CrAFt” Project.

Some of the key principles are to re-discover the urban public space through artistic tools and cultural aspects, to enrich the dialogue sustainably and collaboratively and to put in the centre of the discussion the terms of beauty and aesthetics in urban spaces in respect of the NEB values of sustainability, beauty and inclusiveness.

Application of reciprocity principle

In the STEAM Teams created the co-design and co-creative labs of intense activities.

Learning goals

  • engage the students in new forms of design and planning through cultural and aesthetic aspects
  • think ‘’out of the box’’, out of the comfort zone
  • promote critical thinking and try experiences in a real environment through collaborative practices
  • Promote diversity and the interdisciplinarity between different disciplines according to STEAM TEAM definition (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)

Learning and research forms of the activity/course

  • designing tools
  • digital tools (outlook, microsoft, photoshop etc.)

The main activity/course deliverables

  • videos and photos
  • short reports and storytelling practices
  • participatory observation of the public space
  • quantitative and qualitative research

Evaluating process

Short surveys, reports, and open discussions

About the STEAM Team


Bologna, Italy


University of Bologna (UNIBO) - Design, Architecture, Construction Engineering, Civil and Ambiental Engineering, Construction Engineering

Starting date

April 17, 2023

End date

April 20, 2023

Academic level

Bachelor students

Eligibility criteria

Extracurricular activity


Intensive course/activity


Certificate of participation

Total investment of hours