Sixty cities join CrAFt

Sixty cities join CrAFt to jointly shape the transition towards climate-neutrality and inclusive cities by 2030

During the European Research & Innovation Days on 29 September, at the session ‘New European Bauhaus: collaboration, community and culture for innovation‘, the selection of CrAFt Cities was announced. Entries to the CrAFt Call for Cities were received from over 25 countries! Sixty cities throughout Europe, from Portugal to Ukraine, from the Netherlands to Turkey, were among the selected applicants. 

The CrAFt Cities will test and share models of transformation with the CrAFt network, receive implementation support and will become role models for cities across Europe.

The selected cities join the first three participating cities (sandbox cities), Amsterdam, Bologna and Prague, to co-create and test collaborative governance models of urban transformation. They will: 

  • Test best practices in New European Bauhaus-inspired collaborative local governance models
  • Learn in peer-to-peer settings through a mixture of online fora, physical meetings, site visits, and have access to learning materials and facilitation
  • Participate in a next-generation think/do tank with students and youth communities
  • ​​Receive locally tailored support to enable organisational development 
  • Have access to the vast amount of learning material already developed by existing platforms, including masterclasses and matchmaking sessions
  • Be part of Europe wide storytelling campaigns on your CrAFt trajectories

Press release: Sixty cities join CrAFt

For the full list of cities check

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