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CrAFt Creating Actionable Future project introduction video

“New European Bauhaus: collaboration, community and culture for innovation” at the European Research and Innovation Days 2022, 28-29 September 2022.
“Crafting Climate Neutral Cities with the Next Generation” at the 4th Public Participative and Deliberative Democracy Festival, on 20-21 October 2022.
CrAFT at Smart City World Congress
CrAFt at Smart Cities World Congress. Barcelona, 14-17 November 2022
CraFt Cities Kick-Off
CrAFt Cities Kick-Off Meeting. Prague, 8-9 November 2022
Pilot CrAFt Think/Do Tank
Pilot CrAFt Think/Do Tank for students at Aalto University. Helsinki, 22 November 2022.