CrAFt – Creating Actionable Futures
An EU-funded coordination and support action for
New European Bauhaus transformations
towards climate-neutral, beautiful and inclusive cities

The CrAFt project will place the transition to climate neutrality at the heart of urban stakeholders. We support the Mission Board on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and the NetZeroCities platform in designing and deploying Climate City Contracts, based on knowledge from CrAFt’s 3 Sandbox Cities (Bologna, Prague, and Amsterdam) and 70 Reference Cities.

We will test and share collaborative local governance models to harness the value of inclusiveness, aesthetics and sustainability towards climate neutral cities.

“I cannot wait to see these New European Bauhaus projects come to life. They will show how the future can look and bring the European Green Deal to our daily lives and living spaces”

Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission

How we will support cities

Support to the European Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities

Assist the NetZeroCities Mission Platform, the Mission Cities with the design and deployment of Climate City Contracts, and the New European Bauhaus.

Testing in 3 “Sandbox Cities”: Amsterdam, Bologna, Prague

Test and share collaborative local governance models to harness the value of inclusiveness, aesthetics and sustainability towards climate neutral cities.

Cooperation with 70+ CrAFt Cities

Call for cities has officially launched!

Guidance Package for Climate-Neutral & Smart Cities: NEB Edition

Guidance and pathways to climate neutrality based on 160 collaborative local governance models, tools, examples, and testimonials and featuring 80 emblematic projects.

Impact Model

NEB-inspired Impact Model to evaluate the quality in urban transformations towards climate neutrality.

Engagement with cultural, artistic and creative sectors, property owners and tenants, and citizens & communities

More than 30 European universities and schools of arts and design will be engaged in supporting their local cities, with more than 100 students engaged in STEAM teams, internships and local capacity building.

Mutual learning exercises

Testing and sharing knowledge on collaborative local governance models and Climate City Contracts.

Next-Generation NEB: Build long-term local capacity

Shape the next generation of NEB doers through think/do tanks, STEAM teams, university-city agreements, design challenges, hackathons and action research.

Storytelling campaign on actionable climate-neutral futures for, with and by citizens

Compelling and inclusive narratives for, with and by citizens and communities to spur more sustainable and climate-friendly patterns and practices.

Downloadable materials

CrAFt Inclusiveness and Diversity Management Plan

Download here

CrAFt Model of Governance for Next Generation CrAFt Think/Do Tank of Students

Download here

STEAMS Teams Management Plan

Download here

Call for CrAFt Cities

We are looking for 70 CrAFt Cities that want to test and share models of transformation with us, receive implementation support and become role models for cities across Europe. The CrAFt city cohort will include a geographically balanced mixture of cities selected from among the mission cities, cities that applied under the mission, cities involved in NEB demonstrator projects and other NEB initiatives, and additional cities of high interest. We particularly encourage small and medium-sized cities to apply.

For whom?

EU Mission Cities

EU Mission Applicant Cities

Other European and global cities of interest, NEB Lighthouse projects

The deadline for proposals is 19 September 2022.

As a CrAFt City, you will receive support to develop and test local collaborative governance models to support your transition:

  • Learn from other CrAFt Cities
  • Balance stakeholder interests, priorities & competencies in a Climate City Contract
  • Make the climate neutrality process more inclusive, empowering and accessible to all
  • Use art, culture and the creative sectors as catalysts in the transition
  • Participate in a next-generation think/do tank with students and youth communities
  • Participate in a storytelling campaign on actionable climate-neutral futures
  • Shape policy briefs to inform and advise national and European policy makers
  • Showcase your projects in CrAFt events, storytelling and publications
  • Receive first access to the CrAFt Impact Model and Guidance Package

Interested in learning more about the Call for CrAFt Cities? Read our Invitation Letter and Annex.

Selection of 70+ CrAFt Cities to be announced during European R&I Days 29 September 2022.
First event for the CrAFt Cities early November, in Prague.

Project partners: Meet the CrAFters

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Collaborative local governance models to accelerate the emblematic transformation of urban environment and contribute to the New European Bauhaus initiative and the objectives of the European Green Deal.


CrAFt – Creating Actionable Futures

CrAFt is a CSA (Coordination and Support Action).


EUR 2 million


36 months
May 2022 – April 2025

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101056946.