CrAFting Cities Together in Bologna | 23-25 May 2023

CrAFting Cities Together in Bologna is an important milestone in reaching our goal of cities becoming climate neutral, beautiful and inclusive. We will strengthen ties between NEB communities and set up the grounds for a NEB Policy Support Alliance and CrAFt’s cookbook.

This event will bring together key stakeholders from the CrAFt project, the CrAFt Cities, NEB Lighthouse projects and other NEB / Cities Mission communities.

Throughout the three days, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the CrAFt Sandbox Cities Bologna, Amsterdam and Prague and their collaborative governance initiatives.
  • Visit several participatory spaces and projects in the city, such as DumBO, DRIVE 0 and the Ex Scalo Ravone area.
  • Co-create a new collaborative and NEB-inspired approach to policy processes and be part of the launch of the NEB Policy Support Alliance.
  • Launch of CrAFt’s Cookbook, containing dozens of recipes for collaborative governance.
  • Attend the Renovation Tour about the new European climate targets, the New European Bauhaus and other related EU, national and regional policies.

Event programme